Information on Betting
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Departure from Narita Station of Keisei Electric Railway!
A shuttle bus service to and from our facilities is available. (Beginning July 2017, the shuttle bus service now serves to and from Keisei Narita Station, instead of to and from Japan Railway Narita Station)

› Click here for a timetable of the shuttle bus service

Today is my first challenge. I’m off!
Arrival, Entering Facilities
The bus journey takes about 25 minutes from the railway station. The 26th day of each month is ladies’ day!

We have arrived. Feel a lot of excitement already!

The whole building is very large!
The first step is visiting the information corner
Upon entering the building, you will find an information corner on your left.
Race newspapers and journals and other items are sold at the corner.

Race forecasting is started after buying a race newspaper and journal.
Making entries on a mark card and buying slips at an automatic totalizator.
Viewing of bicycle racing and motorcycle racing can be enjoyed on the first floor. Select desired mark cards provided on the entry table and make entries. After making entries, race betting slips are purchased at an automatic totalizator.

Which one should I buy? I simply cannot resist being serious.
Information on Viewing Seats on 1st Floor
Races can be watched on large monitor screens installed in front of the ordinary viewing seats. Special viewing seats (1,000 Yen per person) are also available. After a race is finished and if your prediction is right, a reimbursement will be made. The reimbursements are the amounts per 100 Yen and will be displayed on the monitor screens and other places in the building. The reimbursements will be paid at the counters near the automatic totalizators.

The nail-biting moment. Praying that my prediction will be right!
Visiting the restaurant for lunch
Set meals, noodles and light meals such as onigiri rice balls are sold at the restaurant. The recommended menu of the restaurant is standard ramen that uses fresh noodles.

› Restaurant information

Purchase a meal ticket for “Ramen in a Basket” whose ingredients change every day.

It is hot and spicy and is very delicious!
Going to Viewing Seats on the 2nd Floor
It’s the first time for me to bet on a horse. I’m not sure which horse will win…

Making a prediction on racing horses is my first challenge. I wonder on which horse I should bet?
Buy betting tickets on 2F.
A betting machine is also available on 2F. Reserve your royal or special seat to enjoy races to your heart’s content.

Trust your intuition!
The shuttle bus will take you back to Keisei Narita Station also. Good-bye! See you again.

What an enjoyable day!!

The day went by in a split second. I would like to come back again.